Creative learning, creative teaching, and teaching for group creativity in music education

Creative learning, creative teaching, and teaching for group creativity in music education
May 26th and 27th, 2022 | Call for Papers until March 7th, 2022

Dear Sir or Madam,

on May 26th and 27th, 2022, the conference "Creative Interactions" will take place at the University of Music and Theatre Munich, Germany (HMTM).

The topic of the conference, which is conceived and organized by Prof. Dr. Andrea Sangiorgio, Prof. DDDr. Wolfgang Mastnak, Christa Coogan and Claudia Schmidtpeter, includes areas of creative learning, creative teaching, and teaching for group creativity in music education.
The conference will take place digitally via Zoom and, if possible, also in presence at the Luisenstraße 37a in Munich, Germany.

Currently, there is an opportunity to apply via a call for papers to present your own research approaches and pedagogical work at the conference.
The deadline for applications is Monday, March 7th, 2022.
Interested parties should submit an abstract of their research contribution, project report, or workshop via email to: creative_interactions@hmtm.de

With an extensive range of presentations and practical workshops, researchers, teachers, and students will devote themselves to fostering creativity and discussing how the creativity of young people can unfold and flourish in and through music and the arts. The focus will be on innovative ideas for music and arts education as well as pedagogical strategies that support the development of cooperative creative skills and competencies in music as well as across a broad artistic spectrum.

The topic relates to different educational areas and contexts such as educational institutions in early childhood (daycare centers, kindergartens), elementary and secondary education, tertiary education, instrumental and vocal teaching, extracurricular activities and community music, special, remedial and inclusive education, music therapy or body-oriented creativity training.

Information on the call for papers, registration and fees can be found at www.creativeinteractions2022.eu.

January 10, 2022: Start of registration for participants.
March 7, 2022: Deadline for submission of Call for Papers
May 26/27, 2022: Conference in Munich (and online).

If you know of others with an interest in creative processes in music and dance, please feel free to forward this email and share this announcement.

We look forward to seeing you
Best regards

Prof. Dr. Andrea Sangiorgio
Conference Office
University of Music and Performing Arts Munich, Germany